M e i  T e a
❀ Dumplings ❀ Pierogies ❀ Bubble Tea ❀
Why hello there,

Mei Tea❀ is a small family run restaurant that offers both bubble tea and a variety of traditional chinese dishes.

Bubble tea is a drink that originated in Taiwan, China, and is called bubble tea due to the tradtional tapioca pearls that are added to the drink.     Traditionally, there are two types of drinks; milk teas (generally red tea based) and fruit teas (green tea based), but we do offer a non-dairy based yogurt drink as well as real fruit smoothies and slushies as well. 

All our dishes are made fresh and daily in a traditional chinese style. Our dough is our own specialty recipe and handmade everyday, and with that, we hand-ground and season the protein used in our fillings. The taste is both fluffy and rich, as our food is never fried, only steamed and boiled, and upon request, pan seared with only the lightest brush of oil on pan. 

This building originally was also a Polish Deli, and due to the large Polish population in the neighborhood, we have decided to include pierogies into our menu with a homemade twist!  

We are always cooking in the kitchen, so if you stop by, feel free to ask what is being made today!:)